“F*** off with your stupid hipster language” — A friend

Haskellers are known for sitting in their ivory tower and laughing at the plebians using inferior languages. If that’s true, then I’m a Robin Hood delivering this knowledge to the unwashed masses¹.

One reason people like Haskell so much is because it forces you to think about types according to the algebraic structures (and categories, more broadly) they implement. In the context of programming, an algebraic structure is just a fancy word for a type with operations that can be preformed on that type. For example, in C, the type can have addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the modulo…

Satellite is an alternative to Apache and Nginx for payload hosting as well as an alternative to Caddy for C2 traffic redirection. I focused on making the project feature rich, easy-to-use, and reliable. The source and compiled binaries can be found on GitHub.

During my internship at SpecterOps this past summer, I had the opportunity to sit next to Lee Christensen who gave the idea to pursue this project. He thought it would be a cool idea if an operator could key their payload downloads based on JA3 signatures. I mocked up a basic web server that would only serve…

First meeting of the year

This is the first, and hopefully not last, blog post for CU Cyber. For those not familiar with us, CU Cyber is Clemson University’s student-led cybersecurity club. Because we compete in cybersecurity competitions like CTF’s and cyberdefense competitions, we gain experiences that I believe are worth sharing. None of our tactics or techniques may be new, but others will likely find the way we approach these competitions interesting. This blog post is about club operations instead of competitions, but the brave souls involved in collegiate cybersecurity club operations will likely find it helpful.

The greatest resource security clubs have is…

Max Harley

SpecterOps; Fmr: Clemson University — Computer Science + Physics

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